We provide R&D, modeling and consulting in the area of:

Gas and fluid dynamics

  • Chemically reactive flows
  • Turbulent flows
  • Multiphase flows (dusty gases)
  • Flows with phase transitions
  • Rarefied gas flows (DSMC, clusterization/condensation, gas/surface interaction)
  • Turbulent combustion (turbulent diffusion flames in open and enclosed fires, flame radiation, smoke movement; flame suppression by fine water sprays, flame-spray interaction; turbulent combustion and pollutant emission (NOx) in power production equipment)
  • HWCVD, CVD and ALD technologies

CCP and ICP plasma

  • Low pressure (1 - 100 mTorr) discharges
  • Medium pressure (0,1 - 20 Torr) discharges
  • High pressure (20 - 1000 Torr) discharges
  • RF (1 - 13 MHz) discharges
  • VHF (13 - 1000 MHz) discharges
  • Noble and chemically active gases
  • Optimization of industrial plasma process chambers
  • PECVD, Etch and doping processes

Heat transfer

  • Conjugated heat transfer in gases, fluids and solids
  • Convection, heat conduction, radiation

Wave propagation

  • RF/VHF electromagnetic wave propagation in plasma processing devices
  • Optical radiation propagation
  • Acoustic wave propagation

Optical metrology

  • UV-VIS range

Quantum chemistry

  • Gas phase and film growth reactions
  • Simulation of the thin films treatment processes: oxidation, hydrolysis, etching

FEA structural mechanics

  • Dynamic crash simulation
  • Thermal stress analysis
  • Dynamical load

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Unique experience in modeling

  • Geolink Modeling Group has accumulated a unique experience working in solar and semiconductor industries
  • 20+ modeling projects per year
  • Strong experience in semiconductor and solar industry
  • Over 134 years of combined team experience in modeling and simulation
  • 2 Professors + 4 PhDs + 6 Experts

We save time & money

  • Reduce development cost
  • Shorten the development time
  • Eliminate hardware iterations
  • Optimize your hardware and software design
  • Fine tune your process parameters
  • Lower the cost of your products
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